Meet Margo Holmes

Margo and her husband, Bill, reside in Lake Placid, Florida, the Caladium Capital of the World, where Bill has farmed caladium bulbs for many years. They have six children and fifteen grandchildren. Since the beginning of their marriage, Margo and Bill have partnered as servants of God. For many years they pastored a church and ministered at assisted living facilities. Margo now speaks, by invitation, at churches, conferences and retreats. Margo is passionate about the game of tennis, but Margo is even more passionate about sharing God’s great love to all the world.


When I was about seven years old someone asked my parents if they could take me to a vacation Bible school.  Since I wasn’t part of a “church going family,” I knew nothing about God or the Bible.  They consented.  That week each child was given a scripture to memorize and to recite during the graduation program.  I was assigned the scripture John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Not good at memorizing, I was terrified that when I was called on, I would forget the words.  At the end of the week, as my little class was making its way to the sanctuary where we were to perform, I remember walking down the stairs, repeating to myself the words of the scripture over and over.  Then suddenly, unexpectedly, an amazing thing happened.  I saw Jesus on the cross and as I did, the words of the scripture pierced my heart and I grasped, truly grasped, that God did love me and that His Son Jesus did die for me.  It would be many years before I was able to attend church on a regular basis, yet the words of John 3:16, the concept of God’s love, and the feeling that I belonged to Jesus were forever settled deep inside my heart.

As much as that helped me, what a difference could have been made in my life if I had known more. Inside my heart now is the desire that every child not only knows and understands God’s Great Love for them, but more, so much more!  Through this series of books, I want to introduce children to some of the basic truths found in scripture.  I want to do it in such a real way that it penetrates their hearts, their minds and their spirits.  I want to see children prepared and equipped through knowing God and His Word to not only be able to cope with the challenges they face every day, but to be victorious through them all! 

God's Great Love Series

Children are naturally curious and love to ask questions. This series is a powerful resource supplying great answers for inquisitive, young minds concerning our Christian faith.

God's Great Love


Why Be Baptized?
(Washed Clean)


Understanding Communion


Teach Us To Pray
(The Lord’s Prayer)


Follow Me
(The Twelve Disciples)


Fruit of the Spirit
(Love, Joy, Peace and more)


He is Risen
(The Resurrected Jesus)


Acts of God and the Apostles
(Book of Acts)


Jesus Is Coming Again
(Book of Revelation)


There are nine wonderful books in the “God’s Great Love” Series. Each one is designed to give your child deeper understanding of an important, basic concept of the Christian faith.

All the books are filled with inspiring illustrations that will help your child imagine what certain Bible events were really like. You will enjoy reading these books to your child and discussing the questions that inevitably surface in the conversation.

Churches should use these books in their children's classes. They have been written for ages 7-12 (or very precocious 5-6 year-olds).



Helping your child understand salvation

The theme of this beginning book is that first, all-important step that every person must take: the experience of true salvation. Questions will be answered like:

These are all questions your child may ask. Answers in the Bible all point to one thing—the great love that God has for us.



Helping your child understand the importance of baptism

In this wonderful book, we will first study the life of John the Baptist, then the story of Jesus’ baptism. Questions will be answered like:

Learning this truth will help your child understand this important ritual of the church and be obedient to God all the days of his or her life.



Helping your child understand this sacred tradition of the church

In this book, the Last Supper will come alive. Your child will also understand how it relates to the Old Testament Feast of Passover and Jesus’ calling to be “the Lamb of God.” Questions will be answered like:



This book will help your child understand The Lord’s Prayer.

So many children (and adults) recite this prayer with little knowledge of what the words mean. Understanding these important concepts will help your child draw closer to God and be more effective in prayer. It will also give you and your child a powerful way of praying together. Questions will be answered like:



This book will introduce your child to the twelve apostles.

You and your child will learn about the twelve men Jesus chose as His apostles. They were just ordinary individuals who were given the extraordinary opportunity of walking with the son of God when He was on Earth. Your child will learn to identify the uniqueness of each apostle, and be challenged to be a true follower of the Lord and a world-changer, just as they were. Many questions will be answered such as:



Helping your child understand the fruit of the Spirit through the life of Jesus.

In this 30-page, full-color book, your child will understand the fruit of the Spirit. Many children's books have been written on this wonderful subject. However, this presentation is from a different and unique perspective.

First, your child will learn the fruit of the Spirit: the nine different aspects of the character of God expressed by the Holy Spirit in the lives of God's people. Second, these characteristics will be identified in the life of the Lord Jesus. By sharing situations when the Son of God manifested love, joy, peace and other fruit of the Spirit, your child will be encouraged to develop the same traits. So stories about the Lord Jesus will be a major emphasis.



Helping your child understand the resurrection of Jesus

In this amazing book, the great triumph of the resurrection of the Son of God is celebrated. You and your child will focus on the stories of the disciples who saw Him, proving He is no longer in the tomb. Questions will be answered like:



Sharing with your child miraculous stories from the books of Acts.

In this wonderful book, some of the most thrilling acts performed by God in the early church are shared. Every child needs to understand that God not only hears and sees, God acts. These stories, taken from the book of Acts and the lives of the apostles, will build faith in your child that Christians can be used of God in very miraculous and powerful way. Questions will be answered like:



Helping your child understand the second coming of the Lord.

In this book, your child will be gripped with fresh excitement concerning God's promises for the future.

Although most children know the story of the first time Jesus came to earth, as a baby in a manger, few are familiar with the promise that Jesus will return to reign as King in this world. We need to instill in our children this blessed hope, and by doing so, increase their faith.

This, and the other books in this series, are a powerful way for you and your child to connect as you discuss the things of God.



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A new way of looking at a beloved bible story

Have you ever imagined what may have happened in the life of that well-know Bible character we simply call “the woman at the well”? Were her early years filled with sinful choices (as most Bible readers have assumed) or with abuse and brokenness?

Author Margo Holmes brings this unnamed woman to life, out of the pages of Scripture, naming her Sheina and speculating what her past might have been like—before meeting Jesus.

As you journey through his heart-warming story, you will share Sheina’s anguish, her despair, and her shame, and possibly feel a new sense of compassion toward her.

In the process, hopefully, you will also learn two important lessons: first, that we need to quit being so quick in judging others, and second, there is hope for anyone who worships at the eternal well that never runs dry!


The Little Maid from Israel

The Bible never shares her name, but “The Little Maid from Israel,” as much as any other biblical characters, displays the heart of God. She is carried away captive by Syrian soldiers from her land, her home, and her family. Yet her actions show she never lost faith in the God she had been taught to love. She could have let resentment take over, but her words show she is instead filled with the compassion and mercy which are character traits that are pleasing to God. She longs for Naaman to be healed, the very one responsible for her captivity. What amazing forgiveness! Every child needs to understand the following truth: that in any situation, God can use us for good if we keep our eyes on Him.


Oh, The Wonder!

This is the story of a little girl who suffered and became a grown woman who continued to suffer. That woman was me, until one glorious, wonder-filled day when Jesus came, held me in His arms and healed every part of me.

Because He is no respecter of persons, I know He will do the same for you. Read my story. Then be ready to receive a healing that will not only turn your sorrow into joy but has the power to change the lives of the very ones who hurt you. May that come to pass in the wonderful name of Jesus!

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